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Specify AR or 308
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For some California compliant magazine locking devices AKA: Bullet Button. This 6061 T6 Billet Mag Release Tool is made to fit most popular California compliant magazine locking devices. This tool is intended to be used only when outside of the State of California. Satin Black Anodized Finish. Magnetic Tip allows attachment to gun, when not in use. Specify AR-15 or 308
The EBRv2 is the new one piece direct replacement Extended Bolt Release in the Phase 5 Tactical line up. It is constructed with high grade steel to ensure longevity and durability. The EBRv2 allows the shooter to catch and release the bolt with their trigger finger. This greatly reduces time during reloading by eliminating the extra hand movements required to chamber the next round. The EBRv2 helps in clearing up jams and double feeds by allowing the operator to lock the bolt back when needed with minimal effort. It speeds the ability to resume firing after reloading by simply swiping the EBRv2’s toggle in a downward motion. To hold the bolt back, the operator simply moves it in the upwrd position.
Extended Bolt Release (EBRV 2 for Standard AR-15's or 308 DPMS Type or Side Charger for ASA Uppers (EBRv2-SC)
 The Phase 5 Tactical EBRv1 was developed to answer the demands of various law enforcement agencies and Tactical trainers. The unit allows the bolt to be released and caught with the right handed trigger finger. This is extremely advantageous in checking and clearing a double feed, jam or malfunction. Although many versions have been on the market for years, we were able to develop this bolt on version to decrease time in the magazine reloading procedure significantly. This unit allows the user to easily install and remove the unit from one rifle to another without any special tools. Sport, Speed and Tactical shooters love this flexible feature.
Extended Bolt Release (EBRv1)
Heavy Duty charging handle designed to answer many problems
that operators face with other charging handles and latches.The Charging handle was machined with
the left handed shooter in mind. Not just ambidextrous,
it is capable of full time left handed operation. It has broad
grip grooves for easy gloved hand operation on the right side
 of the handle and on the Battle Latch it self.
We continued to improve the ABL\CHA™ even further by
increasing the thickness of the walls along the slide
and machining some sections with radius corners instead of
sharp 90 degree angles.
The Ambidextrous Battle Latch Assembly (ABL/CHA)
Specify AR or 308
 The Phase 5 Tactical Ambidextrous Charging Handle Latch is designed to allow the shooter, both gloved and non-gloved, easier access and increased efficiency in engaging the charging handle. Designed to not extend proud of the rifle to reduce the possibility of equipment entanglement. The ACHL is easy to install and like all our products comes with a Phase 5 Tactical Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
Ambi Charging Handle Latch (ACHL) Attachment
The MB-5SP is a muzzle brake with multiple use capabilities. The 5 side ports reduce muzzle climb during rapid fire situations but, the hardened spikes and shallow front dish make it an ideal tool for breaking glass, chipping away ice and breeching. The MB-5SP can also be used as a less than lethal persuader
Muzzle Brake (MB-55P)
Magazine Release Tool (MRT)
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