No Belt Needed / Genuine Leather / 100 Yr Magnet
Mag-Jic Paddle Magnetic Holsters

FASTEST ON/OFF, no belt required!  Also attaches to surfaces in auto, home or business.


 Available  in 5 sizes, canted or  crossdraw

 Right or Left Handed Models

 Can be molded to your handgun

 Protective finish inside safeguards your gun.

 Made of Genuine Cowhide Leather

 Available in Black or Brown

 Magnet is a Neodymiun Rare-Earth, Good for 100 yrs.

 Life Time Warranty


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Large Auto- Square Trigger Guard
The holster body contains a Rare Earth, Neodymium magnet that is attracted to a metal insert in the paddle flap which secures the holster in place. No belt required.
Magnet is good for 100 years.
You can create your own molded holster by following the simple directions on the package.
Mag-Jic Holster is made of genuine cowhide leather with a finished inside to safeguard the finish of your handgun.
The Mag-Jic Holster is body hugging, compact, high ride
with built-in channel sight.
Life-Time Warranty covers materials and workmanship.
Warning: Magnets containing neodymium, can interfere
with the functioning of cardiac pacemakers
and cardiac defibrillators (ICDs)
Fitting Guide:
Glock, Ruger P90, Taurus, Sig Sauer , Beretta, SW & M+P, H+K, S/A XD, RD LC9 w// Laser, Hi Power 9mm, 1911 w/Rails, Walter P22, PK380, P99  and other similar w/ square trigger.
X-Large Auto- Square Trigger Guard
Fitting Guide:
Taurus 24/7, Taurus Millenium, 1911 w/ rail, Glock 20 & 21, Other Glocks w/rail, High Point, S&W, HK, Springfield X-DM, Ruger 45, Sig P226, 229 w/ rail,  Beretta and other similar guns w/ square triggers
Large Auto- Round Trigger Guard
Fitting Guide:
1911's,  S&W, Springfield , Kimber,  Keltec PF9, Kahr CM, SIg P232, Colt Defender, Browning High Power, Walther P22,   and other similar guns with a round trigger.
Medium Auto 380's
Fitting Guide:
Most 380's, Sig Sauer P230, 238, S& W, Walther PPK, and other smaller automatic guns
Medium Revolver
Fitting Guide:
Ruger, Most 6-shot S&W, Taurus, K-frame, GP-1, most 357's
Small Revolver
Fitting Guide:
Most 38's, S&W J-Frame, Colt Detecitve, Charter Arms, Ruger,
XL Holster Auto Square
Left or Right?
Large Holster Auto Square
Left or Right?
Large Holster Auto Round
Left or Right?
Medium Auto 380's & Similar
Left or Right?
Medium Revolver K-Frame
Left or Right?
Small Revolver 38 Cal.
Left or Right?
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